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Its all about having fun
and smiling and
shaking hands
Tone Loc

About Us

Crazy. Sexy. Groovy.

The three words that are fundamental filters to what we do. From creating new concoctions, to packaging to interiors, the idea is to be different. Why? Cause there is no fun in doing things, which have already been done. That’s boring.

Milkshake And Co. started as a pop-up store operating out of flea markets in the parking lots of north London underground stations. It was a master plan to make a quick buck so that our college going founder could indulge in buying that pair of sneakers or that puffed up bomber jacket. From those humble beginnings to now operating 5 stores with the aim of reaching 15 stores by the year end, its been nothing short of a fantabulous fairytale story for us.


32 flavours and counting. Chocolate, Fruity, Confectionery, Originals and many more. Think of the flavor and we most probably have it. And guess what. Each and every milkshake comes in its own unique character design.


Fizzy and super chilled, these are your perfect thirst quenchers. Made with real lemons and crushed mint, topped with fruit pulps in multiple options.

cold coffee

There are few things more satisfying than the cool, caffeine-giving sip of creamy and smooth cold coffee. Find your caffeine hit here.


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